Back to your regularly scheduled knitting blog post

I admit it.  There hasn’t been much knitting on the blog lately.  There’s been travel and music and festivals and even food.  But not knitting.  Don’t let that fool you.  I’m always knitting.  Even if it’s slowly.

Above is a finished glove that I’ve made for DB.  He NEVER asks for anything knitted.  In 10 years I’ve made him 2 sweaters, one scarf and one pair of mittens.  He only wears the scarf.  One of the sweaters we gave to his mom (which she will probably unravel and make something else from).  When he asked for gloves I jumped on the chance to make him something he will wear.

The yarn is Madelinetosh sock in color stovepipe.  Size 2.25mm needles for the 2×2 ribbed cuff, and 2.5mm needles for the rest.  The pattern is a modified version of “Bobbie“.  As you can see from the original, I’ve left off the complicated cuff and just made a ribbed cuff, and I’ve left off the i-cord adornments.  The hand and fingers are knit in a half-linen stitch pattern which I expect to be warmer than plain stockinette stitch and also is nice with the semi-solid yarn.

Since he is usually sitting next to me on the couch at night, it was easy for him to try it on every step of the way, so, of course, his glove fits like a glove, down to millimeter sizing of the fingers.  I don’t know what it would be like to make gloves for someone far away.  I would never have made these gloves this particular size without detailed measurements of hands and fingers.  Turns out DB has really short fingers! Who would have guessed.

I’ve started knitting the second glove.  Slow and steady gets the job done.  I should have them completely finished, including weaving in all those pesky yarn ends, before a big freeze comes along.  Since I’m on the train a couple of times each week now, this will be my train project.

I am also working on sweaters.  Lots and lots of sweaters.  For a book.  But that’s in the works and not for publication.  You’ll get very tired of reading that I can’t say more about it.  Until I can, you’ll have to be happy with accessories projects on the blog!

Regarding the shoulder…. it’s better…. but very slowly better.  I sat down and knit for 40 minutes this morning, non-stop, and that was enough.  I’m able to do that a few times a day.  But the days of knitting for hours without a stop are over.  That’s just not healthy – for anyone!  I went to yoga today for the first time in a while.  It was wonderful.  My neck and shoulders felt immediately better.  I have to keep moving, in many directions, to stay strong and healthy and most importantly, knitting!

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