FO – Gloves for DB

Finally, after a very long time (it seems to me), I have a finished object to show you!  These are gloves that I made for DB.  See the little red L at the bottom of the left hand glove?  Why did I have to label them L and R?  Because his fingers were so different from one hand to the other that I made the gloves unique to each hand.  So I had to label them.  They truly “fit like a glove”!

The yarn is Madelinetosh sock in color stovepipe.  The pattern is a highly modified version of Bobbie by Julie Mueller.  I made them more masculine.  The stitch pattern is a half linen stitch and makes gloves just a little bit warmer than a plain stockinette stitch.

I started them on August 17.  It’s now 2 months and 10 days later.  Good grief.  That seems like forever to make a pair of gloves.  I’m still not knitting nearly as much as I used to.  Stupid shoulder.

But I’m happy these are done and I’m sure DB will be happy to have them this winter.  Maybe I’ll get around to making myself a pair!

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