Mermaid Sock #1

Here’s a photo of my first Mermaid Sock, designed by Lucy Neatby.  It’s an interesting construction, which is what drew me to it and why I decided to make these socks.

You knit the garter stitch top band first, then pick up stitches along one edge of that band and knit down the leg.  The heel is a garter stitch short row heel which I had never made before.  The toe is cleverly designed to decrease gradually in pattern.

As you can see, it fits perfectly.  I made the 66 stitch size and used 2.0mm needles for the garter sections and 2.25mm for the rest.  Now I need to get busy and make the second one.  I usually don’t have “second sock syndrome” so I expect to get the second one finished in good time.  I really recommend these socks if you are looking for a fun, quick and interesting knit.  Thanks Lucy!

By the way, it’s just now 4:30pm here in Haarlem and it’s already dusk.  DUSK!  Car headlights are required.  Streetlights coming on any second now.  Ugh! The dark days are falling fast and hard!

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