Mermaid Socks FO

Yesterday while riding in the train from Rotterdam to Haarlem I finished the second of my Mermaid socks.  Aren’t they fun!

Sorry for the indoor crappy photos, but it’s just so dark outside these days that there’s no point trying to take better photos in the daylight.

Honestly I don’t have giant legs.  The above photo is just from a weird angle.  I was trying to get a good photo of the heel.  These are garter stitch short row heels.  They are super easy and fast to make and look and feel great.  Very squishy on your feet and I think they will wear very well.

The pattern is by Lucy Neatby.  The yarn is Regia “Random Stripe” designed by Kaffe Fassett.  Top down, knit the top cuff first, then pick up stitches around the cuff and knit down.

I was thinking yesterday about how incredibly satisfying it is to finish knitting projects.  I get just as much satisfaction and happy feelings about finishing a pair of socks as I would from finishing a DIY project in my house, or finishing a really big project at work or making a good time on a 10k race.  But working on and finishing a knitting project is also FUN along the way.  You just can’t beat it.  It must be some kind of brain high.  I wish someone would study knitters’ brains and explain to us why we like it so much.  I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation.  In the mean time, I’ll just enjoy wearing my new socks.

2 thoughts on “Mermaid Socks FO

  1. Cybèle December 21, 2012 / 14:35

    Are you saying that you don’t have fun while you run that 10k? 😉

    • under dutch skies December 26, 2012 / 15:52

      Haha! I do enjoy it, once I’m past the painful startup phase. I’m going to be in that phase again very soon….

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