Last Knitting FO This Year

I admit it.  I’m a sucker for new toys that are small and cute.  An iPad mini for instance.  I bought one.  Did I need one?  Of course not.  But I really really wanted one.

I also bought a blue front cover to keep the screen safe.  That’s not enough protection though because the back could still become scratched and the front cover can come away from the screen while in my bag or purse.  I needed to knit a cover for it.  ‘tuurlijk.

I looked through my knitting books to find some nice cable patterns to give the bulky yarn even more bulk.  I intended to make the whole thing in the bright green but I didn’t have enough yarn for that.  I like the blue and green together though.  The button made of bone and was bought at the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle a couple of years ago.

I think the whole envelope look is pretty cute.  It took me no time at all to make, with yarn from stash (dyed myself this past summer).  I’ll get LOTS of use out of it.  And, btw, I LOVE my mini.

2 thoughts on “Last Knitting FO This Year

  1. Cybèle December 29, 2012 / 16:49

    10yo and I are off to Holland tomorrow to spend a couple of days with my mum and dad. My dad is the same with gadgets as you are. I was very surprised when we were there last that he hadn’t bought an iPad mini yet. Suspect there’ll be one there this time!
    Nice cover by the way. I’ve finally joined the 21st century and got myself a smartphone. A fairly simple one but it didn’t come with a cover. I can see I need to make a cover soooooon!
    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar 🙂

  2. Lou January 2, 2013 / 18:34

    I need to know more..I am interested in buying myself an Ipad-mini but finding it hard to justify the spending to myself. Hubby already has an Ipad2 but i never really use it outside the house as 1)it’s a little too big unless I have my BIG handbag and 2) its not 3G. Is it just as good to view as the Ipad? I hate using my smartphone to go online as it is useless.

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