New Year – New Knitting

I hope you all had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve last night.  We had dinner at home with an amazing bottle of wine from the winery we visited in June.  Later in the evening we walked (in the RAIN) to a friend’s house and had bubbly, oliebollen and watched what fireworks we could see through the rain.  The weather won’t stop people from setting off their hundreds and thousands of euros worth of fireworks.  Thanks, all you fireworks fans, for spending your money and letting us enjoy it with you!

Now that it’s January 1, I can cast on a couple of new projects.  Yay!  First up is the sock, in the photo above.  It’s my own design and will match my Mandy’s Heart Sweater.  The yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in color Tart.  This is, hands down, the most beautiful and amazing yarn color I’ve ever seen.  It’s about impossible to photograph.  I managed to get this photo, after trying different locations and camera settings, but it still doesn’t capture the depth and glow of the yarn.  It’s like I’m knitting rubies.

These socks are part of The Yarniacs “self indulgent KAL” that started today and ends mid-March.  The Yarniacs (two women in Santa Cruz California) put out a podcast, have a web site, and a Ravelry group.  I became a regular listener to the podcast immediately.  I like their format and I like their totally genuine and friendly manner.  I’m planning to write a blog post about knitting podcasts in the next few days so I won’t go on about it here.  You should definitely give them a listen.

The socks are serving double duty as the pattern will be written up and released about the same time that the matching sweater pattern will be released (mid-Feb).  I’ll keep showing you photos as I knit them so you won’t be able to resist their loveliness. Ha!

I’ve also cast on a present for a special person.  I’m not showing any photos of that yet, and might not at all before the present is given.  But just so you know, I’ve cast on two new projects and I’m super excited about them.  Starting new projects is almost as much fun as finishing them.


2 thoughts on “New Year – New Knitting

  1. Julia in KW January 1, 2013 / 17:48

    I know the jewel quality of Madeline tosh sock…and totally believe that you are knitting rubies (your photo is very good, so I can imagine it’s jewel quality enhanced even more!) enjoy!

  2. Debbie January 2, 2013 / 20:10

    I have to say that I LOVE that color! I am a sucker for deep reds with some black or deep blue in the color as well.

    We are lucky enough to be able to order some olibollen and some appelflappen to eat on New Years Eve with our beef fondue dinner. I wish they were as easy to get here as they are in Holland!

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