Today in Amsterdam

Today I went to see my friend Ginni at her school.  First we had lunch on Haarlemmerdijk then went to talk about web sites and shops and html code and stuff like that.  As I walked down the street to meet her I took this photo of a shop window.  It’s actually an eyeglass shop. You’d never know it by looking in their window.  The cat is always there, no matter what the other decorations are.

Ginni and I also talked about shopping.  Neither of us likes to shop for clothes.  It’s not fun to always be faced with the fact that your figure isn’t what it used to be and all the clothes in shops are designed and sized for the figure you no longer have.  Shoes, however, are another story.  I don’t mind shopping for shoes.  My legs are my best feature, despite their lack of length.  On my way home from Ginni’s I decided to stop into a shop on Haarlemmerdijk and bought these –

I’d say it was a very successful afternoon in Amsterdam!


One thought on “Today in Amsterdam

  1. kiddoo January 5, 2013 / 20:16

    Those are SO CUTE! They look so great with the tights!!

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