Sock WIP

I’m up to the heel turn on my first Mandy’s Heart sock.  It’s just flying off the needles!  It probably helps that I’ve knit this stitch pattern so much now that I could do it in my sleep.

I made the gusset increases in the ribby pattern.

I think these are going to be really lovely and fit nicely too.  More WIP photos to come soon!

On the home front, we took down Christmas decorations and put the tree back outside.  It was time.  The tree was starting to look a little bit dry (we hadn’t given it any water since bringing it inside).  The poor thing thought it was summer and has started to put out pine cones.  Having said that, it probably would have been the same even if we hadn’t brought it inside for 3 weeks.  It’s been so unseasonably warm here that my roses are all putting out buds and the birds are acting like they’ll be making nests soon.  It’s not good.  We’ll probably get a blast of cold in February, all the new growth will die, and plants and animals will not grow well in the spring and summer.  At this rate I’ll have to quit knitting worsted weight sweaters altogether and stick to lace.

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