Monday Night

Last night I went to Cafe de Jaren for our weekly Stitch ‘n Bitch meet up.  We meet every Monday night but since the previous 2 Monday nights were holidays we hadn’t met in what seemed long a long time.  I missed everyone!

It became a kind of show and tell evening – me showing my sweaters and brioche blanket – Andy showing his brioche scarves – Nancy showing a new scarf and stitch pattern design – MJ showing her first colorwork (amazing!) – J. showing what she has been able to knit with her bum elbow (also amazing progress!) and C. showing progress on her lace shawl in gorgeous yarn.  I love seeing what people are working on.  We give each other advice, encouragement, cheers and only occasionally jeers.  Mostly to Andy.

I’m kicking myself now because I didn’t take any photos of any of it last night.  I have no photo to show!  What’s a blog post without a photo? Sad, that’s what.

I just wanted to report that our Monday nights are back on, it was great to see everyone, and I’m looking forward to next Monday already.

We’re also planning a trip to Zwolle for the annual Handwerkbeurs.  We go as a group by train, making a day of it.  The event is full of all kinds of fiber enthusiasts, not just knitters.  We pretend to be interested in the quilting and walk quickly past the embroidery tables.  The good news is that every year there are more and more knitters and knitting related shops there.  If you’re in NL, check it out, if only for the experience of what we do here.

p.s. to those who wanted to come but weren’t feeling well – beterschap!

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