Easy Jetting to Berlin

(Backdated to 18 Jan 2013, written 24 Jan 2013)

Today we got up early and flew from Amsterdam to Berlin.  Why on earth would one fly from one cold place to an even colder place, just for fun?  It’s cheap this time of year, that’s why!  How can you beat 75 euros round trip for a flight?  We flew on EasyJet and I have to say it was one of the most painless flights I’ve ever been on, which is saying a lot for EasyJet.

We are staying in the NH Heinrich-Hein in the east side of Berlin.  The Wall used stand just a block away from our hotel.  Again, dead cheap this time of year.  We’re staying in a brand new super apartment with a kitchen and everything for 70 euros a night.  THIS is why we do city trips in the winter.  It remains to be seen how wise that is this time around.

Here’s a photo of a place a few blocks from the hotel.  The Wall used to run down this open area.  It now looks like a park.

We took public transport from the airport to the hotel, which takes time, but gives you more of a flavor of a place.  We took the S9 and then transferred to one of the U-bahn lines.  I thought it was so sweet how this S-bahn car was made to look cozy, like your grandma’s living room.  Fake wood paneling on the walls.  Fake upholstery on the seats.  Prints of the Brandenburg Gate on the windows that if you look quickly look like white lace curtains.  It’s not just this car – lots of trains look like this.

We haven’t done much on this first day in Berlin besides get to our hotel, have some lunch, get some Chinese take out down the street.  And SLEEP.  I think the past week of having our house torn up and full of paint smells really tired us out.  We hadn’t been sleeping well.  We’ll make up for it in this lovely hotel room.  ZZZzzzzzz and out to explore Berlin tomorrow……


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