New Look!

Remember a week ago I showed you our house under construction?  It’s finished!  We got home from Berlin Monday night to find that our handyman had finished blocking up an old doorway and finished the painting.  Here are the before and after photos:

Actually, the stairs were brown, like this.  In the above photo there’s already a base coat on them.

And now?  Ta Da! The new entryway!

Isn’t that so much better?  We had all the doors in the house painted white and the stairs to the attic also painted white.  Everything looks so fresh and new now.  It’s fantastic.  He did a great job.  After 4 years living here I finally feel like it’s “ours”.  I guess for everyone that feeling of “home” takes varying amounts of time to set in.  In our previous home in Amsterdam that feeling was pretty quick, probably because it was a new renovation and we were the first to live there.  All the colors and the layout was our choice.  I feel like it’s taken longer to put our own stamp on this house.  There are still a lot of remnants of previous owners (the kitchen, the crazy wiring in the attic) but it really feels like ours now.  And now I just need to keep getting enough teaching work to be able to hold onto it.

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