Handwerkbeurs Zwolle

Yesterday I and 4 of the “usual suspects” went to the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle.  If you haven’t been there, it’s the twice a year marketplace with everything from quilting supplies, to beads, to felting, to embroidery and knitting.  Every year there are more and more yarn shops, which is great for knitters.

Of course I need more yarn like I need a hole in my head, but I always like to go and see what’s new and to hang with my peeps.  The train ride there and back (70 minutes  more or less from Amsterdam) is perfect knitting and chatting time.

Above is a photo of what I got yesterday, except for the buttons which I forgot to photograph.  From left to right:

4 skeins (25g each) of 100% cashmere, “Adam”, from Bart and Francis.  It was expensive, but I’ve never owned anything 100% cashmere and I just couldn’t resist.  I’m hoping it’s enough for a large scarf/small stole.  I’ve already been looking through my Estonian Lace books to find a nice stitch pattern to use. (I can’t find this yarn on their web site – maybe it’s coming soon.)

Next is 50g of lace yarn in 80% merino, 20% silk, hand dyed by Loret Karman.  Isn’t it lovely?

Finally, JORIS! I’ve been stalking this pattern on Ravelry for a while now.  When I saw a shop with a few of these little guys in different colors and sizes, I just had to buy the pattern on the spot and some yarn to make him with.  The yarn is Schoppel-Wol, fingering weight. He will be kind of small using this yarn, so I might make him with a double strand and chopping up the skein into its component colors.  The designer, Annita Wilschut, has lots of other critter patterns like sock monkeys and frogs.  Her site is in Dutch, and the pattern I bought yesterday is in Dutch, but if you look her up on Ravelry she also has pattern downloads available in English.  They are just adorable!

I bought a few buttons from Lüna Design, a German man who despite speaking only German, managed to babble on and make himself understood well enough to sell loads of beautiful buttons.

N. and I also spent some time admiring the beads from Khyber Gallery.  What an amazing selection of beads made of all kinds of materials from the near and far east.  Beautiful amazing things.  Unfortunately I was completely out of money by the time I saw them, which was probably a good thing.  I won’t be surprised if we make a road trip to Wageningen to visit the shop, where Ans says she has far more stock than at the beurs or what she has online.

All in all it was a really fun day and I’m really glad we went.  I didn’t get home til 7pm, tired and hungry.  DB had a fire going in the fireplace and food ready to eat.  I couldn’t ask for more!


One thought on “Handwerkbeurs Zwolle

  1. Cybèle February 25, 2013 / 10:23

    That is so odd – I’d not heard of Anita’s site before but my mum pointed it out to me the other day and I’m smitten with her monkey pattern (and the dachshund!). Funny seeing it on your blog now too!

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