I’ve been signed up to teach a couple of classes in May and June and preparations have already begun!  I won’t say much about the classes yet because they have not yet been announced and I think it’s only right if the shop owner announces them first.  I will only say that, as the photo above hints at, one class involves socks.  I’ve started on the demo socks already.

See those shiny new needles sitting on my laptop?  Those are my brand spanking new ChiaoGoo circular needles.  I have been using KnitPro wooden needles for sock knitting for the past several years but they are just too fragile.  They break easily.  I totally gave up using their 2mm size because they would break if I looked cross-eyed at them.  I had searched Ravelry for needle recommendations and decided to give these a try.

Since the above photo was taken, I’ve knit about half a sock with these 2.25mm needles.  So far I like them a lot.  What I like the most are the very pointy tips.  In fact, I LOVE the pointy tips.  They make knitting with small sock yarn so much easier!  Also, the metal has just the right amount of slip – not too much – just right.  The one thing I’m having to get used to is the cable.  The lovely red cable is actually plastic covered metal.  You can see the metal inside through the clear plastic coating.  They are stiffer than I’m used to.  The stiffness is not causing me any problems with knitting, it’s just something to get used to.  So far though, I really recommend them.

I also recently got a set of HiyaHiya SHARPS interchangeable needles.  I got the SMALL 5″ set, which gives you needles from size 2US through 8US.  Honestly I rarely knit with sizes bigger than this so it seemed like a perfect set.  Again, I got these as a replacement for my KnitPro set that kept falling apart.  And also with these metal needles, so far I love them!  The tips are nice and sharp, the metal has a very nice feel to it and different from the ChiaGoo needles, the HiyaHiya’s have a thinner more flexible cable.

The HiyaHiya set was a Christmas present from DB, but I didn’t actually get them until the end of January!  They were stuck in customs all that time.  What a pain.  He ordered them from a shop in the U.S. because he didn’t find them in stock anywhere locally.  Are you listening local shops??

So, I’m going back to my teaching sock knitting.  And I’ll post more about the class once it is announced.  It’s going to be so fun!

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