FO’s to Report

We interrupt this travelogue to bring you photos of a couple of Finished Objects.  May was the month for Mad May, where you start and finish a project using Madelinetosh yarn.  Of course there’s a big “event” on Ravelry in the Madelinetosh Lovers group.  And of course I participated.  Here’s what I made:

The pattern is called Twice Born by Magdalena Kubatek (linked to Ravelry page).  It’s a very long stripey shawl/scarf, which after the first interesting part, is super boring stockinette knitting, on and on and on.  But the result is very nice!  I LOVE the new Madelinetosh colors, Wolf and Canvas. And the base is new too – Feather, with just a little alpaca in it to make it even softer.  Overall, very effective and lovely.  It is a gift for Mandy.  She already knows about it so it won’t be any surprise when it arrives at her house.  The only question is when.

While at the Swift Stitch in Santa Cruz I spied a skein of Tosh Sock in a color I’d never seen before – Victory Garden.  I immediately thought baby sweater.  I even had a stitch pattern in mind right away – using 3-into-3 Estonian stitches to make little plant leaves or flowers.  I didn’t have a pattern so I just looked around on Ravelry for general sizing info, made a swatch and cast on.  I knit until it looked about the right length, then made some sleeves separately.  I added the sleeves to the body and made some raglan decreases up to what looked like the right length for the front neckline.  Then I did short row shaping to make the back neck higher than the front, et voila, a baby sweater!

Yesterday I went to P&K’s house and delivered the sweater to the baby it was intended for.  It’s still a little big for her, which is perfect.  She’ll be able to wear it for another 2 months, perfect for a Dutch summer.  K. is a floral designer, so this seemed just the perfect gift for both baby and mom (and dad too of course).  I would post photos of baby, but you know, that’s up to the parents to decide about their baby’s photos and the internet.

It was a mad dash to get both of those done in the month of May.  Lots of people made lots of beautiful things in May and Madelinetosh got some new converts to the obsession.  If you haven’t knit with this yarn yet, go ahead, drink the kool-aid.  You’ve been warned.

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