Hosta is Finished

Here is my just finished scarf! I’m very happy with it and I’m sure I’ll make another one.

The brown yarn is Madelinetosh 80/10/10 (wool/cashmere/nylon) in color Sand Dune.  The green yarn is Madlinetosh Vintage (100% merino) in color Terrarium.  The pattern is Hosta, designed by Nancy Marchant, sold on Twist Collective.

It was really fun and fast to knit.  I finished it in exactly 1 month, even with THREE OTHER projects going on! I know! THREE!  I actually finished one of those projects today, but I can’t show it to you because I’m going to submit it for publication.  If it’s not accepted you’ll be the first to see it, and I’ll publish it myself.

Meanwhile, I have a new job!  Yes, I will soon (in September) be working full time again, which will take some getting used to.  No more trips to the beach in the mornings, or knitting all afternoon.  I also won’t be teaching English anymore.  I might just write a post about THAT adventure sometime soon.

The good news is that I will be able to afford to do the fun things I love doing again.  Like traveling and eating out at restaurants a lot more often.  Now that I know I’ll be working, I’ve already started on a little pent up retail therapy.  Mainly shopping for work clothes since I don’t have ANYTHING to wear to a new job.  And a little yarn.  Always a little yarn.

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