Taking Shape

Fruhling row 71

I’m up to row 71 (out of 370) of the Frühling pattern by Herbert Niebling.  Now that I’m able to put it on an 80cm (32″) round needle, I can see how the pattern is developing.  Like all lace knitting, it doesn’t look great until it is finished and blocked.  Still, you can see there are leaves and netting designs.

Niebling patterns are often intimidating to knitters.  They look so complicated and difficult.  The truth is, they are very detailed, with large charts, but the knitting itself is not difficult at all.  It just takes patience and determination when the boredom sets in.  So far I’m not bored at all with it and I really look forward to sitting down and working on it!

I’m able to read the knitting pretty well at this stage.  The leaves grow, the netting between remains basically the same.  It’s hypnotic and addicting knitting.  This is a present for my mom.  Surprise Mom! 🙂  I decided that since it’s going to take me so long to make, she (and you dear reader) might as well enjoy seeing it grow.

I think this will become my Sunday knitting post for a while, tracking the ever growing Niebling lace.

One thought on “Taking Shape

  1. Connie November 17, 2013 / 19:44

    That is stunning! Are you planning on the smaller or larger version?

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