Wearing a Blanket

Quite some time ago I bought fabric at Weldraad in Amsterdam.  They sell wool fabrics as well as wool and natural fiber yarn.  This fabric sat in my stash for well over a year before I found a pattern I really liked and then found the time to sew it up.

The pattern is Vogue #8863.  It calls for “decorative ribbon” to be sewn on next to the zipper on both sides, but I decided to knit that part and sew it on.  I knit the pieces in eye of partridge stitch (knit on the right side, slip every other purl on the wrong side, alternating the slip stitches each 2 rows) using Madelinetosh sock yarn in color Mourning Dove.  I sewed them onto the zipper with my sewing machine.  One side came out looking great, but one side looked really wonky so I hand stitched (with the yarn) a daisy chain stitch down the side.  It neatened it up really well.

Ginni and I decided to both make this jacket and cut out the fabric at her school, with all the big work tables, just before Christmas.  That in itself took about 5 hours once we figured out what we wanted to do and how to do it (not following the pattern exactly of course).  We have similar figures and kind of thought that this jacket would make us look big and boxy but didn’t care because we liked the design so much.  Actually, the end result doesn’t look as much like wearing a blanket as I thought it would.  I guess the diagonal cut of the thing makes it look less short and wide.

That day at Ginni’s I took my serger with me and serged (overlocked) the main seams in both the jacket pieces and the lining.  It is lined in knitted merino wool and the lining is what you see coming down into the long sleeves.  I LOVE the lining fabric more than the outside fabric. It’s so soft and cuddly!

And here’s the back, which is pretty plain.

I’m very happy with it and this gives me some enthusiasm for doing more sewing.  I should look through that stash bag and see what other gems are sitting in there……

(Looking at these photos I notice that my hair really is getting long! I’ve been growing it out…. six month to go and I can stop having bad hair MONTHS.)

((And I also notice how much I look like my mom.))

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