Breidag 2014

This year the Breidag (Knitting Day) was held in Amersfoort, at the Rijtuigenloods just a short 5 minute walk from the train station.  This is an old factory that has been turned into a kind of museum and event center.  As you can see from the photo, there are old railroad cars inside the building which are used for specific things like toilet area or meeting areas.

This photo shows about a third of the marketplace area, so there was a lot to choose from if you wanted to shop for yarns and knitting and crochet related things.

I went on Saturday and in the middle of the day it was busy, but not so busy that you couldn’t move around.  I saw a lot of people I knew, which was really great.  Some people I don’t see very often so it was nice to catch up with them.

One friend, who I met last year in Estonia, has written a book! Good for her! It’s called Öland Breien and has lots of beautiful color work patterns inspired by Scandinavian designs and also stories and photos of the Öland area. Way to go Marja! The book can be bought from her yarn shop web site here.

I took a class in the morning, which was very disappointing, and will be a topic of another blog post to come so I won’t talk about it now.  Let’s focus on the positive…

I have so much yarn already, and frankly there wasn’t anything new here that I hadn’t seen before, so I only bought 2 skeins of yarn.  And I only bought it at the last minute just before walking out the door to come home.  I know exactly what I want to make with it and I don’t already have anything suitable in my stash, so it was a purchase that I could easily justify.

This is Fiberspates Scrumptious, lace weight yarn, 50% wool and 50% silk. The color is called Midnight and it is as you see, a dark gorgeous blue.  I specifically wanted this fiber combination of half wool half silk.  The first lace shawl I ever made was this fiber combo and it’s still my favorite.  I want to make this shawl:

photo & shawl by Susan Pandorf

The pattern is called Evenstar.  A friend of mine has made it and it’s even more beautiful, if you can imagine, in person.  Don’t ask me when I will start it – I already have to finish a big lace project that has been languishing on my needles!

I went to the Breidag with my friend Jacki, and we traveled back home with the addition of Petra.  It was a fun day out, but the disappointing (and expensive) morning class has left an overall disappointing feeling about the day.  I’m planning to go to a knitting event in July in Finland and I really hope that the classes I’ve signed up for will be worthwhile.  I’ll certainly let you know!

One thought on “Breidag 2014

  1. BonMinou April 22, 2014 / 21:07

    I have looked longingly at that pattern. Nope, not gonna happen in my house, but I look forward to seeing yours!

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