On the Road with Hitchhiker

A while back I asked you to vote for which travel project I should make with 1 skein of Madelinetosh sock yarn in color Mansfield Garden Party.  The voters chose Hitchhiker, and here it is! Isn’t it lovely?

Now, this is seriously the most simple project I’ve ever made.  Ever.  Even when I was learning.  It’s just knit, back and forth, bind off a few, increase a few, on and on and on.  Which makes it great for jet lag but not so interesting for nights in a hotel room.

But just look at this color!  It’s like knitting with an unraveled Monet painting.

I am seriously in love with Mansfield Garden Party, although you have to be choosy about what you make with it.  If you made something that pooled the colors together it would look terrible.  The voters, in this case, were very wise indeed.  Perfect combination of yarn and pattern.

And the squishy goodness of garter stitch is suddenly refreshingly new to me.  Garter stitch is something that I always disdained because, well, it’s just knitting.  Anyone can do it.  Where’s the challenge or interest?  It’s the yarn, in this case, that makes it so very interesting.  Garter stitch turns fingering weight yarn into something warm and cozy against the wind and cold and just looks great.

I knit the scarf exactly per the pattern although I had less yarn so didn’t make it to the 42 points on the one end.  I ended up with 38 points and about 10 inches of yarn left from the skein.  I didn’t finish it as quickly as I thought I would.  It took 2 transatlantic flights (AMS-SFO-LAX-AMS) and 1 European flight (AMS-CDG).

Sunday I leave again for another long flight and nearly 2 weeks in a hotel.  I’m taking a bright green sweater with me.  It’s certainly more complex than Hitchhiker, but I’m willing to take the risk.  Photos coming next week.

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