Best Kept Secret 2014 – Fashion Backward

Last weekend we went to Best Kept Secret – the music festival that began last year (we were there) and had an expanded version this year.

We showed up Friday afternoon with our tent, 7 friends and their tents, and 15,000 of our other closest friends.  We left on Monday morning, exhausted but happy and ready to do it again next year.

Of course there were bands and lots of good food, all of which you can see and hear through the very nice movies that the event themselves made. The official site is here, their youtube channel here, and you can always like them on FB.

What I want to tell you about, which I always report on from festivals, is fashion.  At festivals I spend my time listening to music and observing the crowd.  There’s always a fashion trend.  Always.  And every year it’s different.  One year at LowLands it was the huge variety of rain boots.  Last year at BKS it was jeans shorts with black tights (for girls) and long hair wore up in a top knot (for boys). Thank god those trends were hardly to be seen this year. Ugh.

Now, based on this little video, the festival itself would have you believe that the fashion trend was flowered shirts (for both sexes) and while I agree they were certainly to be seen, by far the most popular pattern was this….

Just look at this guy.  He’s the trifecta of plaids – shirt, shirt lining and backpack.  Plaid, folks, is the new festival fashion of 2014.  Back to the ’70’s of my youth, or back to the ’90’s of many other festival goer’s youth.  Be it Neil Young or Seattle grunge, plaid is hot once again.

Plaid shirts…

Plaid shorts…

Plaid accessories…

And not only plaid for boys, also plaid for girls…

And of course, plaid in the band…

I put 30 of my favorite plaid photos into an album here.  I took at least 50 photos of plaid. And then I just got tired of it and stopped.  There was too much!  Neil would have been proud.


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