Fall Weather and Summer Knits

Fall has arrived in NL.  The only way you’d know this is because leaves are falling and the days are shorter.  You wouldn’t know it by the actual weather – it’s been strangely warm and sunny.  We went to the beach yesterday and had lunch in the sun.  We spent this morning gardening – planting bulbs for next year.

There is still knitting and spinning going on, even if the blog has been sorely neglected. Is anyone out there still reading?  Today I finished Hitofude.  The Japanese word means something like “in one motion” and if you had a long enough yarn you could make this sweater from beginning to end without breaking threads.  It’s a strange and interesting construction that defies understanding before you knit it.  Just trust the instructions and do it.  This is the result.

It will be perfect for summer.  Bad timing on my part.  But it will also be perfect for those business trips to Thailand where the airconditioned offices are too cold.

I’m also spinning these days.  I’ve spun up and Navajo plied some yarn (my first 3 ply ever and first N-ply!!) but I don’t have photos yet.  The yarn is drying and I’ll take photos later this week.

I’m spinning some lace weight singles! Wow! Lace! I’m pretty proud of myself.  This is only my 4th “bump”, “skein”, whatever you want to call it 120 grams worth of singles.  I think I’m going to 2 ply it and use it for a lace shawl. It’s 50/50 merino/silk.

I only have this much more to go and all 120g will be spun up and ready to ply.  I split the bump in half by weight and spun each half on separate bobbins.

I’m working on this on my friend’s Matchless wheel.  More news about wheels soon!

4 thoughts on “Fall Weather and Summer Knits

  1. Cybèle November 2, 2014 / 17:52

    I’m still reading!
    I love garments with an unusual construction. Knitting a baby sweater at the moment, starting at cuff of one sleeve (in round), separating for front and back yoke, joining for second sleeve, then knitting the main body by picking up stitches at bottom of yoke. Great fun.
    Like your hair by the way, it suits you, that length!
    And we finally had some proper autumnal weather today – wet, windy and a bit colder. Woodburner is on at any rate…

    • underdutchskies November 2, 2014 / 19:29

      Thanks Cybele. 🙂 I keep an eye on your posts/FB too. We just got back from Thailand – 2 weeks and then 2 weeks vacation, AND I have to go back again in another week (for just a week). I really have 2 wardrobes – one for NL and one for TH. Thanks for the hair compliment. I’m letting it grow out.

      On Sun, Nov 2, 2014 at 6:53 PM, Under Dutch Skies wrote:


  2. yvonneph November 5, 2014 / 07:55

    Hi Alex! Nice knit, nice your hair! I am doing the same with my hair…. letting it grow.

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