Today was the first full day having J & T staying with us. We planned to go to the beach even though it wasn’t very warm there. Silly me, forgetting how late teenagers get moving in the morning! After a late breakfast we left the house at 11:30.

It was busy in HB, as you can imagine on Memorial Day, but we’re used to lots of people around so it was fine and a nice afternoon out.

Now, at 5:30pm, J & T are laying on their bed, looking at their phones and giggling. (It’s a lovely sound to have in the house.) DB is inside behind his laptop, listening to music. And I’m outside knitting. So, a nice holiday end with everyone doing their favorite thing.

To Blog or Not to Blog

Hi. It’s me again.
The post previous to this one is dated about 18 months ago, and life and situations have changed again. The web shop is on hold and I’m thinking maybe this blog should come off of hold.

The web shop is on hold because I’m saving my inventory for local markets. I’m not dyeing fiber like I used to. Since moving to the U.S., and now working 40+ hours a week, and commuting a crazy number of hours in SoCal traffic, I just don’t have the energy to also dye enough fiber to keep a decent shop going. So I’m scaling back. We’ll see how this goes and what happens after the Fall 2018.

Meanwhile, I feel like I’d still like to document my fiber and craft adventures somewhere and Facebook just isn’t a place I like to hang out. And I do have this lovely blog that I’ve spent hours creating. I went back and read some of the very first posts in 2006, from my earlier days in the Netherlands. It made me so homesick for NL! Why don’t I post some thoughts about what it’s like to move back to the U.S. after 25 years abroad? I have plenty of thoughts about THAT!

So here’s post number 1 of a new year, a new life, a new country, city, house. Same old me and same patient and understanding DappereBas. Stay tuned.

(The photo was taken on Terschelling in 2008.)