Time Out

This week the cats are a stand in for me. I have been sick with a cold for a week. I felt like Jake here, like a real Ragdoll, not good for anything but hanging out on the couch. This will not be a post about knitting or spinning or any other crafts. Not much to tell. I’ve knit on my cabled cardigan, but that will be for next week.

And here’s Frank (Asinsinatra) hanging out on the stairs. I’m always afraid he’ll fall asleep and fall between the steps, but hey, survival of the fittest we say in our house.

The week started out so good. On Friday we walked from our house to Huis Duinen, along the dike, along the Waddezee, with a stop for hot chocolate above the beach.

This past week has been the sunniest week in March EVER, and instead of going out and enjoying it, I spent it inside, coughing, sneezing and feeling sorry for myself. Over the week I did 4 home COVID tests and 1 official PCR test at the GGD. All negative. I kept testing because I kept feeling worse and then couldn’t smell cat poop. Today, a week after that photo was taken, I think I’m getting back to normal. Cat poop and all.

So, sorry about the lack of a craft post and I hope to be back next week with a FINISHED OBJECT! Won’t that be exciting. And the start of a new project (or 2). I hope you are enjoying some hints of Spring. The latest news in the world is terrible and scary. The natural world is a good place to look for peace. A walk in the woods, or a city park, can do wonders for my spirits. You too?

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