Tour de Fleece!

You have probably heard of the "Tour de France", but have you heard about the event called "Tour de Fleece"? 

While professional cyclists are spinning their wheels around France for three weeks in July, fiber spinners all over the world will be spinning their own kind of wheels (and spindles), making beautiful yarns.

The idea is to spin every day when the cyclists are cycling and to challenge yourself during the "challenge" days.  There are teams set up on Ravelry which everyone is free to join.  Some people, like me, join several teams.

Also, on 2 July, the first day of the Tour, we will be kicking off the Tour de Fleece at Cross & Woods in Den Haag (The Hague).  Come by and get 15% off Under Dutch Skies fiber, spin with us or just hang out. We might even watch a bit of the actual cycling race!

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