My Precious

Yesterday I did something I’ve been meaning to do for years.  I had some jewelry that I didn’t wear anymore and traded it for something very much older.

Here’s my new ring, my precious.

The center stone is a Moonstone and there are little diamonds all around it.

From the side you can see the filigree gold work and two more little diamonds on the side.  It was made some time in the 1920’s.  A real antique!

I just love it.  In fact, it was love at first sight.  The woman at the shop showed me 4 trays of rings but when I saw this, the deal was done.  She didn’t know that I used to walk Moonstone Beach in Humboldt County, picking up rough moonstones and wondering what I could do with them.  This ring really spoke to me.

The shop I went to is one that I’ve walked past and looked in their windows for many years – Lyppens Juwelier on the Langebrugsteeg in Amsterdam.  They were so nice and very helpful. I highly recommend going there if you are looking for old, or even not so old, jewelry.  They also have silverware such as spoons or candle holders or trays.