Proper FO Post

Now for a proper Finished Object blog post for my new hat.  I really love it!

DB took photos this morning, outside when we had a bit of sunshine.  The color is captured very well here.

The pattern is Rosebud by Jared Flood.  The yarn is Madelinetosh Chunky in color Midnight in Manhattan.  I only had one skein and wasn’t sure it would be enough to make a hat.  The skein weighed 114g to start with and I have 10g left.

I used the size needles required in the pattern (8US) but I only cast on 80 stitches instead of 84.  Everything else I made according to the pattern, for the small size with only 2 repeats of the cable pattern.

It fits a little bit loose on my peanut head, but I like that.  Hats that are too tight give me a headache.  This is a super quick knit and I highly recommend it for yourself or as a gift.  I made it as part of the Madelinetosh Lovers Group SAL (Stitch-a-Long) on Ravelry.  But I would have made it in any case.  And I’m going to wear it a lot in this cold winter weather!

New Hat!

I’m so excited this morning to have finished my Rosebud hat that I had to run into the bathroom with my iPhone and snap this photo.  Love love love.  More details and better photos tomorrow.


Today I cast on for yet another project for yet another KAL.  This one is in the Madelinetosh Lovers Group on Ravelry.  It’s actually called a “SAL” for Stitch-A-Long so that crocheters don’t feel left out and even more precisely, it’s a MadToshForMe SAL.  The idea is to knit or crochet something in Madelinetosh yarn for yourself.  I can go along with that.  I’m already involved in the Yarniac’s SIKAL (Self Indulgent Knit-A-Long) with my socks.  Why not one more?

The above is the start of a hat.  I’m going to make myself the exact same hat that I knit for someone else just before Christmas.  This however is Tosh Chunky, and I only have 1 skein, so I will modify as I go along to make it fit and have enough yarn to finish it.  The pattern says to cast on 84 stitches but I’ve only cast on 80.  That should be fine with this heavier yarn.  Also, for this one I’m going to use the needle sizes recommended in the pattern.  For my green hat I made I used a size smaller than recommended and it was perfect with the worsted weight Vintage yarn.

The color is called Midnight in Manhattan and it’s a beautiful dark dark blue with bright bits here and there.  I also have 3 skeins of DK weight in this color in my stash but I don’t know what I’ll do with it yet.

If you are a Madelinetosh fan like I am, come on over the join the KAL.  You might even win a prize!

I’m so Blue

This last March I made some glittens (not mittens, not gloves, but glittons).  They are wonderful!  Here they are again.

I’ve been wanting a matching hat, and being too lazy to design my own, I chose to make a hat that already had a written pattern, called Uskglass.  That is a Ravelry link to the pattern.  Normally I link to non-Rav pages so that everyone can see them, but for some reason the author doesn’t have the pattern on her site.  Anyway, this blog post is about my hat.

I knit it in the same yarn as my glittens, namely, Madelinetosh DK in color Lapis.  Here is the hat, before blocking.

It’s really floppy and I wasn’t at all happy with the picot edge hem at the bottom.  It seemed way too big compared to the next cabled section and it didn’t lay nicely at all.

So I soaked it for a long time, then laid it over a small bowl, which was just the perfect size to smooth out the cables.  I turned the bowl upside down and sat it precariously on top of a wine bottle.  Don’t touch or it will fall over!  It sat like this for 2 days, drying.

Yesterday it was dry and today I got DB’s help to take some photos of the finished hat, on my head.  I’m super happy with it!

Now all we need is some cold weather.  It has been super windy these past days, but not all that cold.  I hate the wind.  I’d trade it for 10 degrees colder and no wind.  Then I could wear my hat!

I still have enough of this yarn left over to make the 3rd piece of the set….. you guessed it – a scarf.  I wanted something quick and easy to make so that I can finish it in time to wear this winter.  There are several scarf patterns out there that are like that, but of course I wanted something just a little bit different.

I’ve ended up knitting a scarf with 2 strands of this DK weight yarn held together, making it more like Aran weight yarn.  I’m using big needles so it’s zipping along.  It is also completely reversible, which I love.  Here’s a WIP photo:

I’ll tell you all about how I made it when it is finished and I can properly show it off.

So, I will be all blue from head to finger tips, very soon.