All the Colors of the Rainbow

That’s what my physical therapist said to me yesterday afternoon – “you have all the colors of the rainbow”.  He was talking about my backside.  Purple, blue, almost black, yellow and a kind of sickly green, covering my left butt, heading up my back and down my left leg.  I’m so tempted to post a photo here, but honestly, putting a photo of my ass on the internet is going just too far.

Exactly one week ago, Thursday morning before going out to work, I fell from the top step to the bottom landing near the front door.  Remember these lovely newly painted stairs?  Those.  The ones that look long and steep.  As Sheldon Cooper said, “Ah gravity, thou art a heartless bitch”.

To add insult to injury (literally), I ended up getting TWO trips to the hospital in an ambulance and spending the night there for observation.  The first trip was after the fall (I managed to crawl to where my mobile phone was and call for help), strapped onto a gurney as if my back was broken and I really thought my hip or back WAS broken.  Turns out nothing was broken and DB and I came home in a taxi.  The second trip was later that night after I tried to stand up and passed out several times.  DB called the night doctor, who came and found I had very low blood pressure and a bruise and swelling bigger than she’d ever seen before (and she was no spring chicken either).  The ambulance guys tried to get me to walk to the ambulance but eventually had to throw me onto the gurney like a sack of potatoes (so says DB, I was OUT) because I just couldn’t stay conscious while upright.  Sheesh.

I was better the next morning and came home and have been busy healing since.  Yesterday was my first venture outside since falling so the Fysio didn’t even get to see the swelling at its worse.  It’s getting better.  Every day I can move a little more.  The coloring is busy moving down my leg and up my back.  A friend said it reminded her of when her grandmother fell out of a moving car.  Yes, I sent her a photo of my ass.  I do have some good friends, and very close family, that have been privy to my privates.  At least the black and blue parts.

You’d think in this condition I could console myself with knitting.  Wrong.  Until Monday I couldn’t find a position comfortable enough that allowed knitting.  I was mostly laying on my right side.  The last couple of days I’ve been able to sit long enough to do something entertaining.  I finished re-knitting the neckline of a sweater that I’m designing.  I’ve started “teaching socks” for a class I’m going to be teaching.  I’ve knit a few rows of a beautiful brioche shawl.  Luckily I had already finished, and given, the baby blanket I was working on.  I’ll get photos posted here in the next day or two of that project.

For now, I’m trying to keep moving, keep taking pain pills, keep getting over this stupid accident.  Last night I woke with a start from dreaming the fall again.  I hate that.  I hope it stops soon.  Also for now I’m going up and down the stairs in bare feet – no more slippery slippers on my feet.  And this weekend we are planning to get some anti-slip stuff to put on the stairs.  More photos to come!


A Quiet Weekend Ahead

There are no photos in this blog post since they would just gross you out.

Yesterday, March 1st, a day that should be a happy turning towards Spring and new growth, was a day I spent in a dentist chair having old growth removed.  Who knew that you could have a badly infected tooth and not feel a thing?  Who knew that you could have jaw bone loss and not be any the wiser?

I went to the dentist 3 weeks ago for a routine checkup  and he found that one tooth that had an old root canal had become infected and needed to be pulled out.  He could tell this from an x-ray.  I felt nothing wrong at all.  He referred me to an “implantaloog”, Dutch for a dentist who specializes in implants.

(Digression:  I find it so amusing that the Dutch take foreign words and Dutch-ify them.  “Implantaloog” is just hilarious to me.  A Dutch friend informs me that “implant” is a perfectly good Dutch word, but I don’t believe him.  I can’t find it in a Dutch dictionary.  I do find “implantaat”, which is the Dutch translation from the English “implant”.  So, I guess “implantaloog” comes from the Dutch “implantaat”.  Sometimes English and Dutch are so close that it’s hard to know which came first, the chicken or the egg. /end Digression)

Yesterday I went to this Implantaloog, whose name happens to be Quaak (seriously), and he pulled my tooth.  I really have to give you the gory details.  Turn away now if you are squeamish.  Despite the fact that this root was badly infected and was full of puss and smelled bad, the damn tooth was really hard to get out.  He cut it into 4 pieces and tried to get them out carefully so as not to damage the bone further.  I swear he stood on my jaw with a crowbar in his hands prying these pieces out.  Eventually he managed it and only once did a piece of something land back on my tongue requiring a diving expedition to grab it before I swallowed it.

Then he cleaned it out and decided to immediately do a bone graft.  I didn’t even think to ask where this bone came from.  I’ve read online that the bone is either from the patient themselves (I didn’t donate anything), or from a cadaver, or from an animal, or artificial.  Next week when I go back to get my stitches out I will definitely ask him what it was.  Not that it matters, I’m just curious.

So, yes, tooth out, hole cleaned, bone substrate inserted, stitched up closed, a wad of gauze placed on it and hold it tight til the bleeding stops.  Then to get home I took a tram, the metro, the train and finally a bus.  Yesterday afternoon I felt exhausted and beat up.

Luckily I have nothing planned for this weekend.  It’s cold and grey outside, which perfectly matches how I feel.  DB is taking care of shopping and cleaning and I only have to sit around healing and, yes you guessed it, knitting.  My jaw is throbbing but this doesn’t keep me from using my hands and my mind.

I’m going to work on a design proposal for Vogue Knitting.  All I can say is that it involves some lovely shetland yarns, 3-ply.  Maybe in another 9 months I’ll have something to show for it!

Back to the Gym

Today I went back to the gym after quite a long time away.  I signed up for a free week trial but I’m sure I will sign up for a year contract after that.  I’ve joined Health Center Spaarneboog in Haarlem.  I was a member of this gym 4 years ago but quit when I hurt my knee and was out of commission for many months.

So, why have I decided to do this?  Mainly because I really like running but I keep getting injured.  I pull things and strain things and don’t recover quickly.  I’m currently seeing a physical therapist for a pulled and irritated hip tendon.  I also suffer from repetitive strain injury in my shoulder from working on a computer and knitting.  I figure that strengthening my body overall will help with all of the above.  And I also struggle to keep my weight under control – the gym must be good for that, right?

Today I got set up with a weight and aerobic routine that I can do in an hour.  Saturday I’ll go back for a fitness test and another hour workout.  We’ll see how this goes.

I walked into this place today with a little bit of trepidation.  The last time we were members we got fed up with the dirty locker room and annoying ear blastingly loud music.  The employees only seemed interested in themselves or other good looking 20-somethings and weren’t much interested in their other customers.

This time it seemed to be under new management.  The locker room has been renovated with new lockers and benches.  The music was much lower key and not nearly so loud.  The guy who helped me could not have been more friendly or helpful.  I left feeling like the one week trial will lead to a yearly contract.  I felt good and happy.  Maybe because of the financial crisis they decided they’d better pay attention to where their money comes from – US!

I’ll try not to bore you with my workout stories.  There’s not much that’s more boring than hearing about other people’s training.  I’ll only report if something really unusual happens – like me losing weight or something like that.