House WIP

This is what our house looks like today.  Remember that silly bookcase that used to stick out into the hallway?  It’s gone!  By Monday the hole will be blocked up, plastered over and painted.  By Monday the stairs and all the woodwork will also be painted.  The upstairs is finished.  Almost done!


We’re kind of camping out in our house.  We have hired a guy to paint and to fix a wall – all things that we should have done before we moved in 4 years ago, but didn’t have time to do.  Do you know what it’s like to have this kind of work done, on 3 levels of your house, while you are living there?  Like camping.

There’s dust EVERYWHERE.  Coats and shoes have taken over the dining area.  We couldn’t go to bed until very late Thursday night because the primer coat on the stairs wasn’t dry yet.

See that strange thing sticking out of the wall on the left?  That’s the back side of a bookcase.  The front side of this bookcase is in the living room.  Who builds a bookcase through a wall?  Someone stupid that’s for sure.  We’re having it removed and the wall plastered up and painted.

Everything should be finished in another week.  I’ll post an “after” photo.  It will be lovely.

Fishy Fishy

Welcome to my downstairs WC, otherwise known as the toilet.  If you are American, “bathroom” with only a toilet and 4 walls.  A week ago it had 4 white walls and black and white tiles.  Now it’s full of fish and shells and sand and grasses.

This little tiny room really needs to be completely renovated.  It needs to be taken back to bare bricks, re-plumbed and rewired.  But we don’t have money for that so I really wanted to do something to cheer it up a bit and make it at least fun.  A fun toilet?  Yes, why not.

I started by painting the wall behind the toilet itself, and around the doorway, and the ceiling, white.  The walls are all papered, but I just painted over the wallpaper.

Then I went on to the fun part.  I first painted gold for sand.  Then I painted a mixture of gold/silver below that for rock.  After that I painted the blue.  It’s a shining silvery blue in color “ocean”.  I then painted some darker blue streaks through it, which looked really bad, so I painted some more “ocean” over that and it looked better.

Then came the trip to the beach to gather sand, shells and grass.

I mixed the sand with paverpol and patted it on by hand.

I had earlier in the week printed out images of tropical fish and cut out each one.  I glued them on, also with paverpol.

I glued some grasses in the corner as kind of an experiment.  I wasn’t sure they would stick.  That paverpol is pretty amazing stuff!  I was even able to glue down the sea shells with it!  It dries clear too.  And this is the final result!

I’m really happy with the final result.  I’ve never done anything like this before so it was all just a big experiment.  At least we’ll have something to look at while doing our business.  Hopefully one day we’ll have money to redo it properly, but until then this will be fine.  DB wants to somehow rig in sound so that when you open the door you’ll hear whale calls.  If anyone knows how to do that, please let me know.