Gradient in Lace


I’ve made good progress on my Evenstar shawl in the past week.  I had a lot of hanging around time last weekend and also a lot of sitting in the car while DB drove knitting time (yes, you read that correctly, DB is driving!) If you’ve been following along on Ravelry or FB you might be thinking “Hey, you were going to make Briarcrest with that hand dyed, gradient blended, hand spun yarn! What gives?” And you would be right.

I haven’t even finished spinning all the yarn for this project.  I still have the solid light blue to finish up.  I’ve got one bobbin done and I’m half way through the second bobbin of singles and I’m trying with all my might to keep up the enthusiasm to finish it off.  I’m just so ready to be finished with this spinning project!  And at the same time I’m super excited about knitting the shawl, so you know where I’m spending my time.

I ended up with 104g and 636 meters in skein 1, and 95g and 595 meters in skein 2. That’s already going to make a huge shawl.  When I thought about wearing a huge triangular shawl, I just didn’t see it making me happy.  If I have that much gradient yarn to use up I’d much rather put it to good use in a square or circular shawl.  And Evenstar has been on my radar for AGES.  It was time to cast on.

You can see more photos of the yarn on my Briarcrest hand spun Ravelry project page.

I WILL make Briarcrest, which is really a perfect shawl for hand spun yarn.  But I will make it with some Shetland gradient that I spun as a fractal.

I’m such a nerd that I’ve made a spreadsheet to track progress of the shawl to see how I’m doing against a KAL deadline. Yes, another deadline project.  I swore I wouldn’t do these anymore for a while, but this one is fun and with fun people and it’s very relaxed with a long 3 months to get it done.  This is the Yarniacs Colors of Fall KAL (all info here). You cast on the first day of Summer and must be finished by the first day of Fall.  That’s in order to be in the drawing for prizes. But I’m really going with the attitude that I will do my best against the deadline and that’s all the pressure I’m putting on myself.  So far I’m ahead of schedule according to the spreadsheet calculations!

I’ve calculated the total number of stitches in the shawl, how many stitches I’ve done so far and what % that is, compared to the number of days in the KAL and the number of days into it we are now.  And the % of yarn I’ve used up.  This is almost as much fun as the knitting itself.

In other news, two weeks ago I painted my little Electric Eel Wheel Mini.  I used chalk board paint and then found some chalk markers to write on it.  I really love the idea of writing on the bobbins what I’m spinning. Not that I would forget.  Probably.

The bright green makes me happy.  What makes you happy?




Today I cast on for yet another project for yet another KAL.  This one is in the Madelinetosh Lovers Group on Ravelry.  It’s actually called a “SAL” for Stitch-A-Long so that crocheters don’t feel left out and even more precisely, it’s a MadToshForMe SAL.  The idea is to knit or crochet something in Madelinetosh yarn for yourself.  I can go along with that.  I’m already involved in the Yarniac’s SIKAL (Self Indulgent Knit-A-Long) with my socks.  Why not one more?

The above is the start of a hat.  I’m going to make myself the exact same hat that I knit for someone else just before Christmas.  This however is Tosh Chunky, and I only have 1 skein, so I will modify as I go along to make it fit and have enough yarn to finish it.  The pattern says to cast on 84 stitches but I’ve only cast on 80.  That should be fine with this heavier yarn.  Also, for this one I’m going to use the needle sizes recommended in the pattern.  For my green hat I made I used a size smaller than recommended and it was perfect with the worsted weight Vintage yarn.

The color is called Midnight in Manhattan and it’s a beautiful dark dark blue with bright bits here and there.  I also have 3 skeins of DK weight in this color in my stash but I don’t know what I’ll do with it yet.

If you are a Madelinetosh fan like I am, come on over the join the KAL.  You might even win a prize!