Old Lace


This morning my mom and I went to a pre-estate sale that is organized by the church she goes to.  Families hire the church to organize estate sales when they don’t want to bother dealing with or selling off their dearly departed family member’s belongings. Mom got to go to the pre-sale, for church members only, to pick through the good stuff before the rest of the public gets a look in.

And look what I found! This knitted tablecloth.  It’s knit with cotton and has been starched, although the starch has worn off some and it’s not very stiff anymore.  There are a couple of snags in it, but otherwise it’s in excellent condition.

It was covering a round table in the dining area of the house.  One lady there tried to tell me it was crocheted.  I said no, it is knit.  She said you can’t knit that kind of stitch.  I said that I guarantee you it’s knitted.  I still don’t think she believed me.

This looks like a Niebling, or a Niebling contemporary, design.  Looking around the house at the other things that were for sale, it would not surprise me at all if this was bought in Germany.  It’s so hard to guess at how old it is.  It’s not yellowed or in bad shape, but it doesn’t have a new feel to it either.  The cotton used is not like cotton that you find in shops these days.  It’s more like very heavy thread than the crochet cotton we can buy now.  I’m going to look through Ravelry and see if I can find a pattern that matches this.

Anyway, I paid all of $8 for it.  I think I will repair the snags, wash and re-block it. I’ll post photos of it here when that is done. I don’t have a table it will fit.  I might just wear it as a shawl!