On the Road with Hitchhiker

A while back I asked you to vote for which travel project I should make with 1 skein of Madelinetosh sock yarn in color Mansfield Garden Party.  The voters chose Hitchhiker, and here it is! Isn’t it lovely?

Now, this is seriously the most simple project I’ve ever made.  Ever.  Even when I was learning.  It’s just knit, back and forth, bind off a few, increase a few, on and on and on.  Which makes it great for jet lag but not so interesting for nights in a hotel room.

But just look at this color!  It’s like knitting with an unraveled Monet painting.

I am seriously in love with Mansfield Garden Party, although you have to be choosy about what you make with it.  If you made something that pooled the colors together it would look terrible.  The voters, in this case, were very wise indeed.  Perfect combination of yarn and pattern.

And the squishy goodness of garter stitch is suddenly refreshingly new to me.  Garter stitch is something that I always disdained because, well, it’s just knitting.  Anyone can do it.  Where’s the challenge or interest?  It’s the yarn, in this case, that makes it so very interesting.  Garter stitch turns fingering weight yarn into something warm and cozy against the wind and cold and just looks great.

I knit the scarf exactly per the pattern although I had less yarn so didn’t make it to the 42 points on the one end.  I ended up with 38 points and about 10 inches of yarn left from the skein.  I didn’t finish it as quickly as I thought I would.  It took 2 transatlantic flights (AMS-SFO-LAX-AMS) and 1 European flight (AMS-CDG).

Sunday I leave again for another long flight and nearly 2 weeks in a hotel.  I’m taking a bright green sweater with me.  It’s certainly more complex than Hitchhiker, but I’m willing to take the risk.  Photos coming next week.

Follow Your Arrow

I just finished my Follow Your Arrow KAL shawl. We got 5 clues and each clue had a choice between 2 different patterns to follow, giving you a possible 36 different shawls.

I chose option B first, then A, and so on, to make a BAAAA shawl.  On the group forum on Ravelry you can see all the different variations, some in 2 colors.  So fun to see all the different shawls made from this one pattern.

The yarn, you’ll remember if you’ve been following along, is some that I over-dyed a couple of years ago and I’m thrilled to finally use it! It’s not as soft as merino but that is just perfect for this kind of shawl.  You want it to have some body to it and not just flop around, which it would do with super soft yarn.

Full disclosure and true confessions – when I soaked the shawl to block it there was SO MUCH dye that washed out! I honestly don’t remember my after dyeing care of this yarn but clearly I didn’t rinse it enough. I know I wanted to make sure it would over dye completely so I must have used a lot of dye. I’m just surprised I let it dry and wound it up without completely rinsing it. I guess I shouldn’t complain about Madelinetosh yarn bleeding if I can’t even keep my own yarn from bleeding!

You can see on this blocking photo the orange from the previous shawl blocking and the green at the points of this shawl from dye bleed. This bed sheet is going to become a work of art all its own.

I’m really happy with the end result and will wear it a lot I’m sure, although I don’t have a lot of green clothes. It will go well with black and white for sure.  Now I’m off to cast on something new….

Hup Holland

This is the small shawl I made for the Ravellenic games. It’s a Ravelry-wide KAL (knit-a-long) with events named cutely like Olympic events. Lace Luge, stuff like that.

This shawl is in a lovely Dutch orange called Citrus. The yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light.  The pattern is Frambuesa by Julia Trice.

It was a fun fast knit and actually I would recommend it for a first lace project for new lace knitters.  It looks a lot more complex than it is – which I think makes for a really special lace pattern – looks impressive while being easy to make.

I only had one skein of this yarn, but I have a fair amount left over. I could probably have made it a bit bigger but I followed the instructions exactly. It wraps twice around my neck like a very pretty cowl/scarf.  Maybe at some point I’ll have a photo of me wearing it, but with timing, weather and other priorities I just didn’t manage it.  These photos were taken with the shawl hanging on the hedges in front of my house.  At least it wasn’t raining!

22 Purple Silk Leaves – FO

At the end of May I started this little shawl.  I won the pattern from the Yarniacs (thanks ladies!) and used some silk lace weight yarn that I dyed last summer.

Due to the (yes, I’ll mention it again) shoulder problem, I stopped knitting it in June and just now picked it up again to finish it.  I only had 10 rows to go to finish it up.

The pattern is 22 Leaves (Ravelry link) by Finnish designer Lankakomero.  She has a lot of lovely shawl designs.

Now, for the first time in years, I have no knitting projects on the needles!  Oh no!

I am making some worsted weight swatches, planning for a sweater pattern.  Or, rather, a series of sweater patterns.  Yes, I have something in mind in answer to the blog post of two weeks ago.