First Snow

I took this photo from our bedroom window this morning.  Snow!  There are fewer trains running this morning and for a time there was a traffic jam on our street.

I hope my plants survive this winter.  Last winter there was a period of really cold hard freezing weather that nearly killed my roses (and they still haven’t really recovered) and killed our fig tree.  The new fig tree (in the blue pot) needs to be put into the ground before it freezes hard so he has a chance of survival.  Or move the pot closer to the house.

This weekend we’ll move the little pine tree that is in a pot into the house and decorate him.  This will be the 5th year we’ve had this little tree and he gets bigger every year.  I hope he survives a few more years in a pot because we have absolutely no where to plant him in the ground!

I was supposed to have an interview for a teaching job in Amsterdam this afternoon.  The woman I was to meet just called to say that we’d better reschedule to Monday because if I come by train I might not get home again!  Sometimes I think that the NS should send people to Switzerland for a winter to see how to run trains in snowy weather.  Swiss trains are never late and never canceled.  It’s not impossible to run trains in the cold!