Social Insecurity

I decided to apply for Social Security retirement benefits. Yes, I’m that old. I could wait and get a bigger payout in a few years, but it seems like a good time now to do this.

It was kind of a shock when I realized about a month ago that I could apply. I had that Dutch “dubbel” feeling – on the one hand YAY I can get some money back from the government! (Even if it’s a tiny bit) – on the other hand WHAT? I’m that OLD? How did that happen?

This morning I tried to log in to my SSA account to press the button to apply. Above is the screen I was greeted with.


I have a hard time finding the right words to tell you what I think about this screen. To me, this is, in a nutshell, a perfect view of the United States right now. Technology that is so old fashioned that it’s laughable. A mindset that is so old fashioned that you wonder who is running things. Even my 83 year old mother is more tech-savvy than the people running this site. A website that has opening hours? WHAT? Is this 1990? Is this a third-world country without the resources to service the public the way other countries do?

You mark my words – in 30 years the United States will be well and truly in the shit. I wonder what things will look like for the country after this pandemic is over. How many homeless people will there be? How many people will have lost their life savings and their ability to retire at all because every cent they ever had is gone with health care payments and lost jobs. The people in Washington D.C., no matter the political party, have NO IDEA the wave of terribleness that is heading their way.

And still the propaganda machine rolls on and Americans wave flags and think that their systems are basically fine. I can only hope that enough people realize after this pandemic that tying health insurance to your employer is a system that doesn’t work for most people. I hope more people start to believe that health care is a basic human right. I hope more people believe that insurance companies and drug manufactures do not have the right to make billions on the backs of individual sick people. I believe that is morally wrong. It’s not the Wild West anymore folks. Wake up.