Worth the Effort

Several weeks ago we were getting up early in the morning on the weekends, setting up the computer, firing up the VPN software that faked our IP address, so that we could watch the Rugby World Cup live from New Zealand.  We watched several of the pool matches, the quarter-, semi- and final matches.  It was great and I miss it now.  Yea!  New Zealand won!

But then DB discovered American tv.  With this VPN connection we could suddenly fake web sites into thinking we live in the U.S. and the world of tv opened up to him.  Suddenly we started watching many new shows.  This is not really like us.  Normally we find a series we like, download via torrents all the episodes and watch them on the computer when we feel like it, usually one after the other in one night.  We rarely watch more than one series at a time this way.  Not any more.

We’re now watching American Horror Story, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones (see a trend here?) and Boardwalk Empire season 2.  All at the same time!  I feels like having this many knitting projects on the go at once!  Overload!

Well, not really.  I’m actually liking this but feeling a little guilty for being such a tv couch potato.  Wait.  I was one already, but now we’re making more of an effort about it.  I am liking that DB is doing the downloading and organizing it all.  It was always me doing the downloading and playing and all.

Oh, and we just finished watching the latest season of Project Runway.  And I’m still downloading and watching Grey’s Anatomy, which DB wants no part of.  That one is really my guilty pleasure.

What also has changed is that we are no longer watching all this on laptops.  We finally figured out how to plug the laptop into the tv so that the tv acts like a big second screen.  It’s fantastic!  The only down side is that we haven’t figured out how to do the sound through the tv.  The sound still comes out of the computer.  From DB’s 15″ MacBook Pro however it sounds just fine.  It’s only junk tv after all. 🙂

What we have STOPPED watching is True Blood, Justified and Breaking Bad.  True Blood just got so silly (ok, beyond my limits silly) that we couldn’t be bothered to watch the last 2 episodes of the last season.  I just didn’t care anymore what happened to Sookie.  Too bad.  And Justified – while I liked it, I just couldn’t relate to enough and couldn’t see where it was so much better than all the other cop shows.  Breaking Bad is just bad timing probably.  I do really like that show and would be happy to watch it again.  Just have to make the effort.

Watching tv from a foreign country is more effort.  We watch only what is worth the effort.

What are you watching that is worth the effort?