Doing the Mazurka

I bought a spinning wheel! It’s an old style Kromski Mazurka, the original version with the bobbins you can’t buy anymore.  It did come with an original bobbin and 2 homemade ones that will also work.  I bought it from a woman who, I found out, has at least 6 other wheels. I picked it up from her house in Den Haag, so not so far away.  She also gave me a quick lesson on how the wheel works, which was very helpful to a novice like me.

I decided to take it apart and put a darkish finish on it and clean and oil it up.  Here are the photos of the process.  It was actually really easy to take apart and put back together.  I took a lot of before photos to help me remember how it should go back together.


And after:

What a difference cleaning and oiling made! It spins so much easier now! In fact, I sat down and played with the tension and tried to make yarn and after just 30 minutes, I WAS MAKING YARN!

If you read the bobbin from right to left, in the beginning I was making fat blobby yarn, then in the middle it got a little better but the tension was all wrong and I was having to unwind it and take out twist very often.  It wasn’t feeding into the bobbin nearly fast enough.  I tightened up the drive belt and tried again and voila! on the far left of the photo it’s actually pretty consistent and useful YARN! Super cool.

The other day I went to the Gamma and bought a cheap floor mat to set under the wheel because the wooden legs on the wooden floor just scooted all over the place.  She now has her “spot” in the living room.

Now I can spend my time practicing and trying to be even more consistent in how thick or thin, and the amount of twist added.  Yesterday a friend on Ravelry sent me a message wondering if I had seen this class, coming up in September – Bootcamp for Beginning Spinners.  It’s a full day of intensive spinning lessons.  I signed up within 15 minutes! It sounds perfect for me.

So I’m off on a new fiber adventure.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing lots more about it.

Oh and the previous owner had named her Copelia.  It sounds like a fine name to me and unless another name pops into my head in the next weeks that I like better, or suits better, it will stay Copelia.  Copelia dancing a Mazurka in my living room.  Nice.