Lunchtime Walkers

Lunchtime Walkers

This is what Dutch people do at lunch time.  Go outside and walk.  Even in the rain, which luckily it wasn’t doing today.  A little chilly, and windy, but a fine Spring-like day.  I think Winter got stuck in the U.S. and never made it any further east than New York.

Taking Flight

You know I never write about work on this blog.  Work is work and everything else is fair game for the blog.  But today I’m making an exception and I promise not to make this the slippery slope to posts of complaining and moaning about work.

I’ve been teaching English at a school that prepares students to work in the travel industry.  One class is specifically for prospective flight attendants.  Today was the last class, my first class at this school.  I felt really sad and I will definitely miss these people.  We’ve come to like each other and it’s been so rewarding to see how they’ve grown.  Not only has their English improved, but their confidence has blossomed.  We work hard in this class but we also laugh a lot.  It will feel so strange not to see them next week.  I think of them as my chicks, now getting ready to fly the nest.

The above photo was taken during one of the “role play” exam days where they had to wear their uniforms and pretend to be working a flight.  Other students played the roles of passengers with specific problems to play out.

Good-bye my first fliers.  If you are reading this, when I see you on an airplane sometime, someplace, I’ll be expecting an upgrade!